Vulgaris Herbs

1381 Kings Highway
Chester, NY 10918



About: Vulgaris Herbs was created with the intention of serving our local community with herbal supplies, accessible, hand crafted, small batch herbal remedies, workshops and consultations. We believe that herbal medicine is “People’s Medicine”: accessible, available, affordable to everyone. We invite you delight in the ordinary, notice the wonders of your back yard and experience the great web that connects us all. Stop by, enjoy our delicious freshly made brews, peruse our extensive library and enjoy the wonderful medicine our plant allies have to offer. Our products are carefully selected and curated with a focus on quality, transparency, effectiveness and nourishment. We feature gentle remedies made in the Wise Woman Tradition, with local, accessible plants. We strive to host a diverse set of makers and celebrate the wide web and spectrum of medicine making. We feature the botanical and nature art of local artists to the lower Hudson Valley, honoring their individual style, unique relationship with the landscape and our local ecosystem. Our seasonal items celebrate the cycles of nature, and the rich and complex variety of creative expression.