DUSKLIT is the East Coast’s one night interactive art bazaar, featuring 35 immersive installations, roving performances, and site-specific works by 65 artists. Equal parts adult summer camp, outdoor salon, and carnival side show, DUSKLIT draws on the magic of twilight as installations transform with the changing light of the setting sun.

Swing by to experience sublime projected environments, launch a jello catapult, contribute to a community artwork, witness a dance intervention, or relax in a ceremonial tea tent. Food trucks by Vesuvius Brick Oven Pizza, Lil Fry, Allan’s Falafel, and the Ice Mother, and local craft beverages by Newburgh Brewing Company and Warwick Valley Winery will be available to complete your enchanting evening.

Once the sun goes down, DUSKLIT will morph into a meadow dance party DJ’d by Öberon and Jonathan StrÆnge. Stick around for our fire and after party through midnight.

DUSKLIT artists include: Mary Altobelli, Heidi Bilezikian, Donna Brickwood and Greg Slick, Vernon Byron, Kyle Cottier and Alexis O’Brien, Charles DeCesare, David Horton, Daniel Mack, Janet Hamill, Lionel Wolfe, Sadie Garrett, Ben Tate, Casey Paterson, Adella,and Jerome Spector, Karen Decher, Kate Eggleston, Paul Ellis, Eliana Ulloa, Fiona Hill, Paige Dillon, Isaac Kiernan, Seth Thompson, Sarah Wilson and Raymond Aponte, Jordan Evans-Boyajian, Haus of Femanon (Maggie Borlando, Jesse Keitel, Mac McCarthy, John Moore, Parker Stanley), Colin Heasman, Beth Houghtaling and Malcolm Tent, Jackie Hoysted, Wendy Insinger, Richie Kersting, John F. Simon, Jr., Mohammad Jamal, Ramona Jan and Andre Turan, Mariah Johnson, Maria and Brian Kastan, Julia Kole, Elle Lee, Rebecca Lomuto and Ali Feser, Andi Lu, Brianna Nonnon, Jordan Novak, Christy O’Connor and Jeffrey John Demos, Andrea Pacione, Brett Phares, The River Flows Two Ways (Craig Chin and Ophra Wolf with Andy Rinehart), Hannah Rubin, Jamie Sanin, Jon Verney, Tony Vitek, and John Wood.

New Yorkers, we’re offering a complimentary shuttle from the Monroe Park & Ride (Rt 17) to the event. This way, you can take the Coach USA Shortline bus from Port Authority to the Monroe Park & Ride (fare is about $16.50 each way–buy a round trip ticket), and hop on the shuttle to reach DUSKLIT.
Shuttle pick up times: 5:50pm, 7:35pm (from Monroe to DUSKLIT).
Shuttle drop off (from DUSKLIT to NYC): 11:50pm departure (to catch a12:20pm bus)

Parking at the Seligmann Center is limited. Handicap parking is available on-site in our large parking lot. Some additional parking will be permitted in the Seligmann Center’s upper field. Overflow parking is available at the Sugar Loaf Fire Department (1408 Kings Highway, Sugar Loaf, NY 10981). A complimentary shuttle will provide service between the Sugar Loaf Fire Department and the Seligmann Center from 5:30pm-11:55pm.

We welcome your help! Please sign up here: Volunteer. Volunteer shifts range between two and four hours. Perks include complimentary admission and two complimentary beverages. We appreciate your support!

Kurt Seligmann’s Studio
Kurt Seligmann’s studio will be open throughout the course of the evening. Stop by and check out our new exhibition, Season of the Witch, a group exhibition of new work exploring magick, ritual, and modern-day mysticism. The exhibition is curated by Sarah Potter and features work by contemporary artists Evie Falci, Lala Abaddon, Heather Gabel, Astral Eyes, Hilary White, Lucien Shapiro, Hunter Stabler and Robert Ryan.

MANY thanks to the Orange County Arts Council, West Point Tours, the Sugar Loaf Fire Department, Warwick Valley Winery, Newburgh Brewing Company, and Blooming Hill Farm for their support.

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