Sundog Stained Glass Studio

Sundog Wisteria window

Sundog Stained Glass Studio was established in 1972 in a spare room in our house in Pine Island, starting out with craft shows and galleries. Later, we moved to an attic room in Warwick that now houses the liquor store on the South Street parking lot. When a larger space became available, we moved to the back room of a building on West Street. There, we were approached by Joann Sauer, the pewter smith in Sugar Loaf, and we moved into the back building behind her store. When she retired, we bought the building, built an extension, and moved into the front. Now we have …read more

Bee Positive

Bee-Alive Image

My Mission;

To bring a smile to your face, a little more bounce to your step and to have you consider the possibilities. With a visit you might also find something unique to take home or to a friend, or you might be inspired to ask us to make something special for you.

Come browse our little shop in Sugar Loaf and you will find handmade one-of-a-kind Crafts and Creations, such as; Glass Blocks, Mobiles, Sculptures, Center Pieces, Wire Creations, Bottles, Macramé Jewelry, Wall Hangings and other fanciful ideas. Actually you never know what you might find there.

Why the name “Bee Positive”? Because, …read more