Simpson Originals

Simpson Originals

Cheryl Simpson was born in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. and the Adirondacks were her inspiration for many years. After a 28 year career in the paper industry and raising four children, she now devotes her time to taking endless photographs and creating her artwork, both at home and in her shop in Sugar Loaf. As she has shared with many, she was awakened by angels who literally led her to open Simpson Originals. It is an angel store like no other, often changing the way people react to their surroundings when they share her discoveries about the beauty and magic …read more

Welcome to the Sugar Loaf Blog

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Dear Friends, The village of Sugar Loaf is on the verge of a new awakening; one that includes fresh merchant owners with modern design ideas balanced with the traditional artists and crafts people that have sustained their businesses throughout the years. There is always something interesting going on in Sugar Loaf and this blog will serve to keep you updated on the latest news and events. We hope you follow our journey and “Make Time to Loaf” in the near future.

Cheers! The Sugar Loaf Blogger

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Why Buy Handmade??

Let’s talk craft! AND…let’s definitely chat about why buying handmade is so valuable to both artisan & buyer. First & foremost the artisans of Sugar Loaf create & design products because it is their passion, not their job. They have willfully chosen to earn their living purely on the back of their talent & craft. They are courageous & should be commended for living a life that is based on simplistic values & a “back to basics” philosophy. In my own humble opinion, the term “Starving Artist” should be eradicated from our vocabulary. Consumers who purchase another’s handicraft …read more


COMMERCIAL Hey gang, can you stand it? Sugar Loaf is gettin’ all technical & what not with our new 30 second commercial! And..hang on to your hats my friends, it is streamlined on YOU TUBE! Now if this doesn’t represent the future trend of Sugar Loaf coming back into its own I don’t know what will…okay, maybe a cool bistro or 2, but HEY, you gotta give us credit for the recent strides we are making in our little neck of the woods. A special thank you to Kevin Kern owner of “Romer’s Alley” & driving force behind Sugar …read more

BLISS: A Creative Co-Op for Women

Sorry boys, this one’s for the girls! A new cooperative for creative women is being launched by Rena Wilhelm of The White Weathered Barn (Romer’s Alley) Sugar Loaf and by Dana Anders, whose handmade cards have appeared in many of Sugar Loaf’s boutiques. This cooperative is run by women in support of women. It is a platform for those artisans who have always wanted to pursue their dream of having their own shop but could never quite take the plunge on their own. Now you can dip your toes into the water and see what it is like …read more

Light Up Sugar Loaf Photos

Light Up Sugar Loaf

Saturday November 13th participating merchants will stay open late for a night filled with shopping & yummy treats! With lights shining bright, merchants will keep there doors open from 5:00pm to at least 7:00pm for your convenience. …read more