Collage in Sugar Loaf

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History of Collage

40 years of Creative Design

In 1971 Bruce Roberts graduated college a marketing major and Marsha Roberts graduated the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan specializing in design. That year with $800.00 and a rent of $75. 00 a month they opened a gift and handcraft store which they called Collage. Marsha and Bruce hand crafted jewelry, leather goods and also sold handmade candles and pottery.

In 1972 my wife and I drove to Mexico purchasing sterling silver jewelry and handcrafts (Tin ware, Baskets, Pottery) to broaden the scope of our product line. A friend of ours was opening a gallery at Tysons Corner N.J. and purchased the products we imported from Mexico. From that point forward it created Collage the wholesale company showing at the New York International Gift Show, Boston Gift Show and N.Y. Boutique Show. From 1972 to 1985 we were a major importers of Mexican Handicrafts selling Macy’s, Jordan March, Galleries and over 500 independent retailers.

In 1985 we introduced sterling silver jewelry line we designed and had handcrafted in Thailand, Bali, and India. We specialized in nature theme jewelry selling then Macy’s, The National park stores, Monterey Aquarium, Baltimore Aquarium, Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and over 1000 independent retail Stores.

In 1995 using different mediums, wood, assorted metals, and shell we introduced a complete new line of handcrafted Fashion Jewelry. We did in house manufacturing using an array of patina pieces using the versatility of color to create an assortment of earrings and pins. Being able to incorporate the manufacturing in India, Philippines and China we were able to use their crafts people and natural materials. For each season Collage now created 500 new designs to encompass the fashion of the day. Collage was now showing at all the major trade shows in the United States, N.Y. International Gift Faire, Atlanta Gift Show, Chicago Gift Show, L.A. Gift Show, San Francisco Gift Show, Seattle Gift Show and Philadelphia Gift Show with over 60 sales representatives throughout the United States. Our trade show booth presentation won best of show in Chicago and New York and was custom made each season. At this time we designed items for major retailers such as Coldwater Creek, Chicos, Kirklands. Raiforest Café, Disneyworld, Callaway Gardens and sold over 2,400 independent retail stores having accounts in Europe, Mexico, Canada and Japan.

In 2013 Collage opened a retail outlet store in Sugar Loaf which offers crafted items from around the world. Some of these items are manufactured in house, India, Philippines, and China. In 2014 Collage moved to a larger store to enable its customers a larger selection from in house manufacturing and from points around the world.


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