Sugar Loaf Fall Festival – Vendor Guidelines

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Thank you for applying to the Sugar Loaf Fall Festival. Please read the rules. They have changed and it is VERY important that you read them.

* Location: Sugar Loaf, NY
* Festival Hours: 10:00 AM. To 6:00 PM
* Set-up Time: 7:00 am to 9:30 am. (ALL vehicles MUST be off the street by 9:00am) Someone will be there to direct you.
* Electricity: NONE, You can supply your own generator, 75 DCB or lower, Fire Extinguisher must be present
* Space Size: Approximately 10′ wide by 10′ long.
* Tent Spec’s: ALL tents are required to have a minimum of 20lbs weight attached to each leg – NO Exceptions!!!!
* Proof of Insurance: Documentation must be attached to application listing Sugar Loaf Chamber of Commerce as additionally insured.

** COST **
* Craft & Specialty Vendors: $175.00 includes all 3 days
* Food Vendors: $275 includes all 3 days

**All self-contained vehicles (Trailers, self-contained trucks etc.) MUST be listed on your applications. TOTAL length and width MUST be shown on your application. This must include the tongue length of a trailer if the tongue is not removable. (i.e. a 22’ trailer with a 3’ tongue is really 25’). Our booths are 10 x 10’, therefore you will need to purchase booth space(s) to cover the length of your trailer.

** Trailers MUST be in your space and parked no later than 8:30 AM. If you arrive after that time it will be up to our discretion as to refuse you entry or to assign you another space so GET THERE EARLY.

** ALL food vendors MUST have a New York State Department of Health Certificate. NO OTHER CERTIFICATES WILL BE ACCEPTED!!! Please submit a current copy with your application.

** ALL food vendors not having a DOH certificate and Insurance on file with the Committee by Oct 6th will not be allowed to set up and will not be refunded their entrance fee. (We will make absolutely NO exceptions!!!)
Orange County Health Department
Goshen District Office
124 Main Street
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 291 – 2332

** If you wish a confirmation letter returned, you MUST include a self-addressed stamped envelope or post card with your application or an email address asking for a confirmation.

* No: Silly String, Smoke Bombs, Stink Bombs “Snappers”, Weapons (Guns, Ammo). No drug related items. Remember, if it is illegal in New York State it is illegal at our festival.

* To make it more profitable to all vendors, we are going to limit the amount of like items to 1 or 2 vendors.
* Submission of application does not guarantee acceptance.
* No refunds for cancellations or no-shows
* No post-dated checks
* No checks will be accepted after Oct 1st. Cash or money orders only, after that date.
* We are limiting our spaces to the first 150 spaces. Get your application in EARLY!
* If you call in after Sept 12th We cannot guarantee your space.
* Applications postmarked by Aug 30th will be given first consideration.

Any questions or comments about the Sugar Loaf Fall Festival can be sent to one of the following outlets:
Phone: (570) 396-2352
Facebook: htts://

**A note to food vendors: We will NOT be allowing multiple vendors selling the same products this year, so please apply quick if you want the opportunity to participate. THERE WILL ALSO BE A $50 DEPOSIT FOR CLEAN UP FOR YOUR AREA, IF YOUR AREA IS LEFT CLEAN YOU WILL BE MAILED A CHECK THE WEEK FOLLOWING THE FESTIVAL FOR YOUR REFUND.

PLEASE, leave your space as you found it. Take all boxes, oil bottles etc, away with you. If you cannot remove them please pile them next to a garbage barrel before leaving.


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