Bee Positive

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Bee Positive

My Mission;

To bring a smile to your face, a little more bounce to your step and to have you consider the possibilities. With a visit you might also find something unique to take home or to a friend, or  you might be inspired to ask us to make something special for you.

Come browse our little shop in Sugar Loaf and you will find handmade one-of-a-kind Crafts and Creations, such as;  Glass Blocks, Mobiles, Sculptures, Center Pieces, Wire Creations, Bottles, Macramé Jewelry, Wall Hangings and other fanciful  ideas. Actually you never know what you might find there.

Why the name “Bee Positive”? Because, there is so much negativity vying for your                  attention, you need a break, a distraction, maybe even a plan.

Come visit.  Let’s start with a break and the distraction. You might start thinking about a plan. You become what you focus on.  So… how about a little Positivity?   It’s Positively  good for you!

Bee Positive Interior


I also conduct “Life Shops” (as opposed to workshops).

How to Maintain Positivity – you become what you focus on

The Art of Communication – there are three key elements

How to get what you want – it’s easy when you learn how

Goal Setting – if you’re not exactly sure of where you are going,you might end up somewhere else

I enjoy being a Guest Speaker at seminars, luncheons, etc.

Customer Service – it’s no big secret

Setting Goals – 3% have them written correctly -the other 97% work for them

What’s your Mission – don’t leave home without it

Golf is like Life – they both require the same skills

Learn to ask the right questions  – the answers might surprise you


Randy Brown

Bee Positive”  1392B Kings Highway,  P.O. Box 81, Sugar Loaf, New York 10981


Thursday – Sunday: open at 11:00


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