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Banner InstallColorful Street Banners were installed along Sugar Loaf Craft Village’s main street just before Christmas. The beautification project was spearheaded by the hamlets recognized patriarch Walter Kannon and Peter Von Uchtrop. Funded by the Chamber of Commerce and the Community Foundation’s Vision Committee, Kannon coined the slogan – SHOP – WORK – LIVE – emblazoned on the bright blue banners.

 “Visitors know Sugar Loaf is a place to shop, but it’s also a great place to work and live too.” Walter stated.

 It is in fact, the working and living aspect of Sugar Loaf that is the backbone of the hamlet of artisans and sets it apart from other communities. Kannon came to Sugar Loaf in the 1960’s and started a successful “barn board” business, eventually opening todays popular Barnsider Tavern. He is among a number of “work-live” residents that have endured close to four decades including The Candle shop, Boone Woodcarving, Weatherbeaten Frames and My Sister’s Closet. For over thirty years long time artist residents Endico Watercolors, Exposures Gallery, Bostree Pottery and Moon Angel Jewelry have welcomed loyal followers into their shops and homes. Twenty year community veterans include Into Leather, Sundog Stained Glass, Moon Dancer Gifts and resident businesses Rosner Soap, Bertoni Gallery, 18th Century Furniture, Pisces Passions, Sugar Loaf Mountain Herbs all have had their doors open to the public over ten years with very bright long term futures in Sugar Loaf.

 SHOP – WORK – LIVE does seem to have its roots firmly established and has served the craft hamlet well over the years. Through both good and bad economic times, running a business from the home has been the winning model that has endured in Sugar Loaf.

by Nick ZungoliShop Work Live


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