The Art of Gift Wrapping at Bertoni Gallery

Dec 10th, 2012 | By | Category: Uncategorized

For two days the staff at Bertoni Gallery will have lots of colorful supplies out to create FREE demonstrations all day long.  Any purchase at Bertoni Gallery will always become the gift that is “Too Pretty to Open”. Learn some of our techniques and the art of gift wrapping. TWO DAYS ONLY December 12th and December 19th from 11-6pm.

We will be demonstrating several different specialty gift wrapping techniques each WEDNESDAY during the holiday season.  On December 12th, ONE of our demonstrations will feature “The Royal Wrap” andThe Haircut Wrap” which will leave shreds behind, and “Snowflake Wrap” will probably leave behind some foil confetti which you can use in your next card.

On December 19th we will demonstrate ”The Recycled Wrap” including recycled and natural materials as well as, “The Cut Out Wrap”that uses foil. These two unique techniques have very different colors schemes and various themes. The colorful foils overlap with added ribbon elements while the recycled wrap uses a lot raw natural materials.

If you don’t want to wrap your gifts this season, come and bring your gifts and we will wrap them for you, for a small material fee. Come join us for the Art of Specialty Gift Wrapping” limited time only.

1392 Kings Highway, Sugar Loaf, NY  10981. contact Rachel Bertoni, Director of Bertoni Gallery at 845-469-0993.

Thank you for visiting Sugar Loaf NY.