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18th CENTURY FURNITURE (Sugar Loaf Walking Map #26) is an absolute wonderland of whimsical handmade folk crafts balanced with brilliantly handcrafted reclaimed barnwood furniture. 18th Century Furniture is more than a shopping experience, it is a representation of one of the most beautiful, heart felt love stories I have ever had the honor of hearing.
The story of Peter & Manon VonUchtrup started when Peter was just 16 years old as he worked with Walter Kanon of The Barnsider Restaurant outfitting the ceiling with barnwood beams. Later in 1985 Peter opened a shop at 68 Wood Road designing & handcrafting one of a kind pieces of barnwood furniture.

The pine wood used for Peter’s furniture is retrieved from Canada and is between 100 & 200 years old. It was there in Canada where Peter met his future wife Manon, a feisty French-Canadian beauty. They were married 3 months later. Manon learned to speak English while working in Peter’s furniture shop. After 8 years at 68 Wood Road in Sugar Loaf, Peter bought a 300 year old house at number 58 Wood Road, with an original Sears & Roebuck house on the premises. It is that house that became the current 18th Century Furniture Store.

Trajety struck however in 2006 when Peter contracted a staff infection during a hernia operation. The infection attacked his heart & destroyed it. Over the next several years Peter & Manon’s strength was tested in ways one would not believe. Peter needed a heart transplant and it took a few years to get one. He has since received one & is better than ever! He & wife Manon continue to be prominent figures in Sugar Loaf, creating quality handmade products all the way.
It is a story that can not be felt in words. I will just say that every single handmade “heart” item in their store has special meaning to them and will in turn have a special meaning to you.

Both Peter & Manon are a testament to love, devotion, strength & courage. Just know that when you visit 18th Century Furniture and are in awe of the amount of magnificent handcrafted items, you are not just going to buy a fine product…you are supporting the belief that love conquers all, each day is a gift and life should never be taken for granted. And while 18th Century Furniture is not in the center of town, you absolutely must walk a few more steps and treat yourself to this one of a kind shopping experience.

“Every day is a gift..that’s why they call it the present”.
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