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New Arrivals for the 40th Annual Sugar Loaf Fall Festival and the upcoming holiday season.

Sergio Lub Copper Jewelry – Hand crafted in the USA, these unique designs of solid pure copper, brass and silver are fun and fashionable. They also feature rare earth magnets that rest naturally over the acupuncture points of the wrist which many have found provide health & vitality benefits. Each Bracelet comes with a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Come out and try one on today!

Pisces Passion Sergio Lub Copper Jewelry

Pisces Passion Sergio Lub Copper Jewelry

Kitras Art Glass – Handmade glass ornaments and art from Kitras studios are here including large Trees of Enchantment and Oval feather Balls. Hearts, Stars & other lovely glass art items are always available.

Pisces Passion Kitras Art Glass

Pisces Passion Kitras Art Glass

Inis is back! By popular demand, our favorite “energy of the sea” is back in stock. This exciting Irish Cologne for Men and Women is a seductive scent, embodying the coolness, clarity and purity of the sea. The fragrance evokes the male and female sides of each individual, combining the secrets of nature and creating a feeling of sensuality. Cologne and lotion available again in our main room.

Picses Passion Inis Cologne

Inis Cologne

All these and much more at:
Pisces Passions Art Boutique, Sugar Loaf, N.Y. 845-469-4741


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