Why Buy Handmade??

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Let’s talk craft! AND…let’s definitely chat about why buying handmade is so valuable to both artisan & buyer. First & foremost the artisans of Sugar Loaf create & design products because it is their passion, not their job. They have willfully chosen to earn their living purely on the back of their talent & craft. They are courageous & should be commended for living a life that is based on simplistic values & a “back to basics” philosophy. In my own humble opinion, the term “Starving Artist” should be eradicated from our vocabulary.

Consumers who purchase another’s handicraft are engaging in a relationship; a relationship between the artisan & their craft and ultimately the relationship the consumer has with the product. Don’t we want to own items because they touch us, because we respond to them, because it means something to us, because we respect the talent & time of the artist? Doesn’t the exchange result in a special moment?..one that you don’t often receive standing in line at the mall?

For every brush stroke, stitch of thread, click of lens, chisel of wood, mold of clay, drop of oil, crack of pepper, blend of herbs, manipulation of textile, arrangement of flower, blend of scent, hammer of metal, dip of wax, mix of ingredients & execution of 3-dimensional vision…there was a purpose & passion behind it. Let’s encourage and support the young children of today when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” that it is admirable to respond, “I want to be an artist!”. Lovin’ that!

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2 Comments to “Why Buy Handmade??”

  1. John Strazza says:

    This is such a well stated small article on art, artists and buyers. The world has lost it’s way a bit by becoming overly digital, forgetting to touch things that are real in their hands and have them in their homes. Thankfully people are coming back around and realizing the incredible value of art in it’s various forms. You have written here about real hand made items, paintings, pottery, photographs, jewelry, textiles and much much more; real things that real people make. I wish everyone would read this. Bravo for your clarity.

  2. Crystal Stubbs Glass Art says:

    Great article. My parent’s are both artist’s and raised three children on the living they made from art. I am now myself an artist, and so is my sister. I agree wholeheartedly with encouraging our children to aspire to become artist’s, although if they want to become Doctors or Astronauts, that’s OK too!