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Romer’s Alley
(845) 784-5007
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Hours: Wed thru Sun 12:00am – 5:00pmgoldringstackbyjhengen



After a random class at FIT taken solely for pleasure, J.Hengen was hooked on the jewelry arts and began a quest to learn the full spectrum of the trade. Key to this self-education were various apprenticeships in tiny rooms along New York City’s diamond district (packed with chain-smoking Russians) to making models for large manufacturing firms as well as jewelry related workshops under inspiring instructors.

Jessica began a wholesale business attending trade shows, producing her own line of jewelry and making high-end commissioned pieces. After 17 years she was ready to give up the ease of subways and supply exchanges for the space and beauty of Orange County at which time she found her light-filled studio down Romer’s Alley in Sugarloaf, NY.

The largest area of growth fostered by this move has been her reconnection to clay, a medium that had always held a special place for her. Now equipped with a kiln, her pottery and sculpture have become an important conduit for her artistic expression.

Jessica welcomes custom jewelry work and teaches a popular jewelry wax carving class throughout the year.


Jewelry Classes offered by j.hengen design in Sugar Loaf Village

All levels welcome. Learn the lost wax casting technique. Design your own project, carve out

in the wax and finish and polish it in the metal of your choice.

Block of 5 two hour classes = $175

Wednesdays or Saturdays, 10:30 – 12:30

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Contact us for more information

A Jeweler Recasts Herself J.Hengen Design

[Dirt Magazine – Reprint]

Step inside Jessica Hengen’s store and workshop in Sugar Loaf, N.Y., and you might find her at her workbench, jeweler’s visor on, filing a ring carved from wax, a commission for a customer. The finished version will be cast in green gold, and set with natural, uncut sapphires.

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