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Thank God right?? Whadda ya gotta do to get a sandwich around here?? I’ll tell ya! Shoot on down to Anne Marie’s Country Deli at 1398 Kings Highway in Sugar Loaf…next to the railroad tracks. The old ticket station next to the red caboose is now home to a desperately needed charming pit stop that satisfies your “quick bite” food cravings.
Can I have 2 round trip tickets to New York?? Uhh, I mean, can I get 2 bagels with butter?
Want a soda? Want some coffee? Egg Sandwich? Italian Combo? Is that Boar’s Head in there? You bet your sweet bologna it is!! Care to sit outside on the patio? Knock yourself out.
The highly anticipated Anne Marie’s Country Deli is open for business & all ready the line is out the door. Anne Marie McKevitt-DiGiacomo, a thirty year resident of Sugar Loaf, has done it again! Former owners of the “Jiffy Stop”, Anne Marie & Husband Vinny DiGiacomo have turned the antiquated ticket station into one slammin’ deli. Staying true to its character, the “station” maintains a vintage country flavor combined with a state of the art kitchen…oh, and did I mention the hardwood floors??!! Lovin’ it!
Now I’m starving…1 six foot wedge coming up!

Cheers my dears!
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    Bravo!! Looking real good ..

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