Welcome to Sugar Loaf, NY Artisans Village

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Sugar Loaf Village SignWelcome to Sugar Loaf, NY artisans village where shopping is unique and fun for everyone in the family. We’re one of the most unique shopping villages on the East Coast. We have a rich history of artists, writers and creative people that have left a great legacy to build on. Meet today’s artists in their studio homes and watch as they create new works!

Today we have top notch galleries that show and sell the work of great painters,  photographers, jewelers and potters. You will find artisans that make custom clothing, hand bags and accessories. You will find a leather worker that makes fine products you will use and wear for a life time.

Add to this the wonderful unique gift shops with just about anything you can imagine. There are shops that specialize in herbs and health products.

There are fine soap makers and candle makers of very high quality that you will love. There are places to sit and eat a fine meal and just take in the feel of Sugar Loaf. The quality of the artisans and store owners of every kind that live and work here of of the highest caliber.

Shopping is Sugar Loaf is the opposite of shopping in a huge “box store.” You can park in one spot and walk everywhere in the village within minutes. You will love when you ask a store owner a question, because you’ll get an answer that is knowledgeable and courteous. You will also notice that the items found in our shop are items you will not find anywhere else.

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